My Dream. My Reality.

Many people dream of traveling but often say they can’t because they are too busy or they don’t have the money. Finances are tough and I know that traveling may not be at the top of everyone’s priority list. I have been financially independent since college, so I understand the meaning of work – hard work. It had been My Ultimate Travel Dream to board a plane and have the destination be Greece and, less than a month ago, I set out on a three week adventure to Istanbul, Turkey and to the Greek Islands!

I’ll share more about my trip later, but I had a moment of reflection and appreciation while I was in Mykonos. I was sitting on the edge of My Infinity Pool at my beautiful five star hotel, Vencia Boutiue Hotel, located above the town with arguably the best view of Mykonos. I sat high above the sea, the people, the city life below, and thought about how far I had come. Just five years ago, the idea of traveling to Greece seemed so far out of reach for someone like me with just a minimal starting advertising salary. Prior to that, I had worked three to four jobs at a time just to pay for college, but there I was in Greece making My Dream My Reality.

Moment of Reflection - thinking about how far I have come.

Moment of Reflection – thinking about how far I have come.

This is Me on Top of My World in Mykonos, Greece. People call me a workaholic and they may be right, but I really only work so that I can Live My Dream.


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