A Little Taste of Texas

Texas 004

San Antonio, Texas

November 13-14, 2013

I took a quick trip to San Antonio, TX this week. I landed Wednesday evening, dropped off my bags, and immediately went downtown to see the Riverwalk. I only had a few hours to spare but I figured “why not see the city – or what I can of it – while I’m here?”

While San Antonio International Airport is only 15 mins from downtown, my hotel was about 25 mins from the city. So after a little back and forth, I finally made it. The cab driver dropped me off on the side of the street and pointed to the bridge across the road and said, “the Riverwalk is down there.” At first, I had no idea what he was talking about. I thought, “Where was this place?” I expected it to be on the side of the road. Then, it all made sense… I took the side elevator down and entered this mystical little river town filled with restaurants, bars, lights, and river boats.

I walked along the river for about 5 mins, then searched for The Esquire Tavern. The tavern is apparently famous for the longest wooden bar in Texas. It was dark, rustic, and just what I had expected. Upon first look, there were no seats left at the bar but then I met a nice couple from Rochester, New York who were closing out their check. I chatted with them for a few minutes and then sat down – finally my first Texas bar.

I’m usually a Kettle Soda or wine kind of girl, but some of the tips on Foursquare said their Moscow Mule was the best in Texas… so I had to order one! It reminded me of my friend Teny back in LA – its her drink of choice. For dinner, the bartender recommended the pulled pork sandwich over the tacos, so one pulled pork sandwich with a side of chile slaw it was. Delicious is what it was! I ate the entire thing! The gentleman next to me was quite impressed.

After dinner, I unfortunately didn’t have time to walk around because I had to go back to the hotel to work but it was awesome to get A Little Taste of Texas!

From Arizona to Texas

Me on the Riverwalk

Pulled Pork Sandwich, Chile Slaw, & a Moscow Mule


San Antonio Riverwalk


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