Minneapolis: It was so cold, I saw water instantly freeze into snow!


Minneapolis, MN

January 22 – 23, 2014

Over the past few weeks, the east coast and the Midwest have been hit with several extreme snowstorms and while my friends back east are bundling up throwing on more layers just to keep warm, those of us in Southern California are enjoying the extreme heat and 80 degree beach weather :).

Despite the complaints of the winter ice storm, I was ‘fortunate’ enough to experience the extreme arctic weather for a day. Three days before I departed for Minneapolis, the polar vortex, one of my friends showed me a video of water instantly freezing into snow. People were literally throwing hot water into mid air in order to see the phenomenon. With temperatures reaching far below 0 (into double digit negatives), it didn’t take much to convince me that the video wasn’t fabricated but it was still hard to imagine until I saw it with my own eyes!

I was in Minneapolis for less than 24 hours this week. It was just enough time to walk a few blocks on the Skyway (fantastic city planning btw – you dont even have to step outside to walk a few blocks), see water turn instantly into snow, accomplish some important work, and then jump right back on a plane.

I expected Minneapolis to be cold, like 0 degrees cold, but the temperature reached -17 when I was there!!! I didn’t spend much time outside other than jumping in and out of the car and straight into a heated building, but in the brief moments that I did I could feel my blood freeze! I’ll be sure to only come back in the Spring time, I heard it is beautiful during that time of year!

Oh, I can’t forget… I stayed at The Grand Hotel, its a Kimpton Hotel. Inner Circle love!

Now, off to Alaska for the first time, where its much warmer than Minneapolis! 😉

Minneapolis Skyway

Minneapolis Skyway

Minneapolis Skyway

Minneapolis Skyway

Water Instantly Freezing

Water Instantly Freezing


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