Finding the Island Girl in Me, Barbados, The Caribbean

Crane Beach

Barbados, The Caribbean

September 2011, November 2011

In 2011, I was introduced to the island life where waking up to the sound of waves crashing on the beach is a norm, sunsets are breathtaking, the water is crystal clear blue, the sand is white, and a kind soul challenged me to dream of a different kind of life. 

Everyone living in New York needs a break, an island break. Fall of 2011, I had been living in New York for almost two years and like most people, I was drained from work and long overdue for a vacation. While looking for travel deals from NY, I came across my golden ticket to paradise, a 5-night vacation to Barbados (incl. airfare) on for approx. $600/person!

We stayed at Coconut Court Beach Hotel, a family run hotel right on beach in Hastings, just 10 mins north of Bridgetown. The hotel was the perfect base to explore the island. We also managed to get a private driver for the week so we had a chance to explore the rest of the island easily. We strolled down the South Coast Boardwalk, sunbathed on Hastings and Accra Beach, visited the Animal Flower and Harrison’s Caves, drove to St. Nicholas Abbey, and enjoyed traditional island dishes including freshly caught fish, stewed meats, and fried fish balls. My favorite activity was going on one of Elegance Catamaran Cruise‘s day trips where we swam with sea turtles and snorkeled in crystal clear blue waters. That’s also where I met another kindhearted soul like mine; someone who understood my feelings about the constant climb up the corporate ladder in America, someone who not only dreamed of the island life but actually lived the island life post living in NY.

I returned two months later for another week and a half in paradise. Since I had done most of the touristy things already, I was able to spend more time relaxing under the sun and reflecting on life and the next steps ahead of me. I spent a day with friends enjoying Bathsheba Beach while watching a tropical storm make its way to the shore, held a monkey in Bridgetown, saved baby turtles guiding them to the ocean, attended an event at the Barbados Yacht Club, got knocked out by the rough waves at Crane Beach, spent a few nights in my own private villa at Little Good Harbour Hotel, fell in love with Accra (Rockley) Beach, and drank one too many fresh coconuts. I loved my time in Barbados and while I didn’t choose the island life then, I am forever grateful for the friends I made and for the wisdom shared with me.

Life isn’t all about work, it’s about enjoying where you are and being present in your life outside of the office. Life is being open to new experiences, new possibilities, and new adventures.

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