En Route to Lake Como, My Favorite Place in the World

Hotel Villa Aurora

En Route to Lake Como, My favorite Place in the World
September 4, 2015

Typically, I end up waiting a few months to write about my adventures abroad (I still have a few more places to write about from my month long trip in June), but this time I’m going to try to write every few days while I am here in Lake Como. Yes, I’m back in Italy after only 3 months!!! I actually booked my ticket before I left here in May with the intention of participating in the Tour di Lario Wakeboarding competition Saturday, September 12th, but unfortunately I’m injured so I don’t know how much wakeboarding I will actually be doing this trip :(. I’m sure I will end up participating in the “How much homemade Italian pasta and gelato can you stuff in your belly?” contest.

Getting to Lake Como from New York is an easy 7-hr flight from NY to Milan, then an hour train ride north to Como, and a 45-min bus ride from Como to Lezzeno. After grabbing my bags from baggage claim to approaching the steps of Hotel Villa Aurora, it took me 2 hrs to get here which is actually pretty quick but let’s start with my SkyTeam status via Delta. Finally! I am starting to reap the benefits of flying almost every other week. After first being assigned the 2nd to the last row on my Alitalia flight to Milan, I asked the ticket agent at the Sky Priority check-in counter if any upgrades were available. At first, he tried charging me $95 for the upgrade to Economy Plus but when I told him I had status with Delta – it turns out I have Elite Plus status giving me Sky Priority status, access to Alitalia’s Lounge, a free upgrade to the first seat in Economy Plus, and priority baggage handling on arrival meaning my bag came out first. The free upgrade to more legroom was definitely worth it since the space between seats in economy seemed to be tight and the priority baggage came in handy when I needed to catch the 11:58am train to Lake Como. Oh, and being pushed on a wheelchair through JFK and MXP was definitely an awkward experience but much quicker than TSA Pre-Check ;).

Getting to Lezzeno was fairly easy this time around partly because timing lined up and I knew where I was going. I caught an earlier train thanks to my bag coming out first and I only waited 10 mins for the bus to come in Como. There’s something about this place that always brings a smile to my face. While I was on the bus heading towards my home away from home, I couldn’t help but smile when I saw the blue waters of the lake. All my fun and exciting memories on this lake came rushing back into my head like a feature film of my life’s best moments. Arriving at Hotel Aurora was even more comforting and the only place I wanted to be after traveling across the world, even in my ‘grandmother’ room!

Given my injured knee, I couldn’t wakeboard today like I have done every 1st day back on the lake in the past but I did take a ride with Devid, Leon, his wife Ollie, friend Jack, and his kids. Seeing them ride and try back flips awakened my inner-self – watching anyone wakeboard inspires me really. I was filled with feelings of both joy and frustration. Joy because I love being on the lake in a boat and frustration because all I wanted to do was ride! Regardless, my first day was fantastic and I’m happy to be ‘home’ even if I can’t do anything physically active.


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