80 Days In Europe: Prague, Czech Republic


Prague, Czech Republic
April 19 – 23, 2016

My first time in Prague was eight years ago in March 2008. I visited the fairy-tale city with my first love during my last year of college. I remember it being magical as one would imagine with the castle set on the hill overlooking the town and the lights of the Old Town Square glistening in the night.

This time was much different. I went to visit two of my Kiwi friends who moved there a couple years ago and I got a taste of the local life. From Salzburg, my 6-hour journey was a combination of transferring from one janky train to another while not knowing an ounce of the language. However, my friends gave me a warm welcome at the train station removing all worries.

The first night we went to Nase Maso, a butcher shop that opens up its doors for dinner cooking fresh meat right in front of you, beer and wine are on tap too :). Then we went to Anonymous Bar for some interestingly unique cocktails in a speakeasy vibe. Most of my week was spent relaxing, hanging out, and exploring the city. A few of my favorite moments were watching the sunset over the castle in the distance at Rajska Zahrada park and peddling on a bicycle boat on the Vltava River while drinking beers as we watched the lights illuminate the city at night. I also tried this EMS working called Body Body–a 20-min workout where your body is shocked every 5 secs. Apparently, it is the equivalent of a 2-hour workout.

While my time in Prague felt short, it was the perfect amount of home, friendship, and magical city nights that I needed.



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