Reyes K in Patras

When I was a little girl, I always wondered where my father would travel to every time he had to leave after the holidays. Growing up, I saw him twice a year from what I can remember. He worked overseas throughout my entire childhood. I often dreamt about the places he would travel to and looked forward to the stories he would tell us upon his return. He worked everywhere from London to Nigeria, from Saudi to Singapore, and other places I cannot recall.

I was only twelve when I started to explore foreign countries on my own. I recall traveling to Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines and I was fortunate enough to spend some time with my father while he was living in Singapore. I lived with him for about three months and I think that’s when it started… my desire to travel and to see the world.

Living in Singapore opened my young eyes to an entirely new world. I was forced to leave my friends and the boy I was crushing on (thankfully) behind, but it was the best experience I could have ever asked for at such a young age. I conversed with complete strangers and made new friends with the students who hung out on Oxford St, tasted different types of Asian foods like the sticky gooey rice thing sold on every street corner, tried sushi for the first time and fell in love, and I discovered my independence at a very young age.

Wedding 015

Now, I am a working professional who loves to travel. Whether it be for work or for holiday, I have always looked forward to getting on a plane because of the excitement of going to a new or different place – even if I have been there before. Over the last five years, I have traveled to over twenty-five different places outside of the U.S. I have traveled with friends, with family, with loved ones, and more frequently, by myself.

One thing I learned in Italy was: Americans live to work. Italians work to live. “Living” life to me is traveling and discovering the world. Although I am a workaholic as some people may call me, my journey is to blend the two. So, I work to travel.

The purpose of this site is to capture my memories and experiences not only for myself but also to share them with anyone interested in reading about them. I am the youngest of five children and I am very observant, learning from my elder siblings experiences, the good and the bad. I think there is a lot of value in sharing and listening to others. If everyone kept all knowledge to themselves, no one would ever learn anything new.

This site may be a blend of traveling tips, especially for solo travelers, things to do, places to see, culture, working abroad, heartbreak, love, one’s journey to self-discovery – who knows!

My friends and family have often asked why I haven’t created some sort of traveling blog or site and I have always wanted to digitalize my traveling journal (yes, I have plenty of hand written journals), plus track the places I’ve seen since my memory will one day fail me (I’ve had one too many concussions). So, friends, family, self…

Welcome to Working to Travel. A site about discovering the world and discovering maybe just a little more about life.





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